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What do you provide?

At OneStop, we provide everyday goods, home appliances and food, all sold from our independent vendors across Bangladesh. Our aim is to be upfront, cheap and accessible for anyone who’d want to order from us!

How can I see product?

Our website hosts all the products we sell. Our vendors are responsible for the maintaining of products and may be able to help with custom orders or wholesale purchases by contacting them directly.

How is my data handled?

We collect only data necessary to deliver your order, which is listed in our site’s privacy policy. OneStop handles this data with user privacy in mind and does not share with 3rd parties unless requested by law enforcement or if the user has given prior consent. More information can also be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Why onestop?

OneStop is a new and upcoming e-commerce website that takes pride in offering the best goods at the best price for you and our vendors. Ethics are an essential part of our business practice.

What are your delivery option?

All products listed on our website are covered by our vendors who independently list and distribute products that they have. OneStop is not directly responsible for the delivery facilitation, however can always assist using the live chat feature.


How are payment processed?

Our payments are processed with —- meaning you will have to sign in and authenticate from within the app to be able to purchase goods from our website. If you ever need support with this, our live chat are on hand to help you.

Are refunds given?

Refunds are available on non-food items, however delivery and mishandled food items may be open for a refund dispute. To make a claim, you will need to contact us via chat, email or contact form to have your ticket investigated.

Who handles the order?

Vendors listed on our Vendors list supply the goods and are responsible for the delivery and processing of individual orders. Please note that if you order from different vendors, deliveries may be at separate times.

Who can I contact for a custom order?

Custom orders can be done through opening a ticket with our team via chat, email or contact form. We will work our best to have wholesale/bulk/custom orders fulfilled, however this is not always guaranteed as it is dependent on the supplier.


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