Vendor’s App Tutoral

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Thank you for being a vendor for! To get started with our companion app, you’ll need just a few things:

  • Android Phone
  • Google Play Store access
  • Vendor login with

2 –

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get into the download!

  • Search the Play Store for “WCFM Store Manager”

3 –

Now, once the app is on your phone, open it. You will see a login form with three fields:

  • Site URL –
  • Username – vendor user name
  • Password – vendor user password


After logging into the APP you will see the Store Manager APP dashboard with it’s all components. You may go to other sections from here.

Available Modules –

  • Products Listing
  • Products Manage (Edit Basic Details)
  • Products Add (Simple Products )
  • Orders Listing
  • Order Status Update
  • Bookings
  • Booking Status Update
  • Enquiry
  • Enquiry Reply
  • Review View
  • Reviews Approve/Reject
  • Reports
  • Notifications


Vendors will see all their products under the Product section. They are also allowed to search for a particular product in the store.

Vendors may also edit some important fields for the products such as: Price, Stock & more!


The Order section will show all orders for the vendors’ products and most important details.

They also know what will be their commission for the order.

Vendors also are able to update their order status from here.


Vendors can also check their sales overview report from the Sales Report section –

  • Current week sales stat
  • Current month sales stat
  • Previous month sales stat


Vendors will receive all notifications to their phone as long as general Android notifications are enabled.

Vendors may also check notification details from Store Manager – Enquiry section


Enquiry section will show all enquiries for the vendor’s products and their store.

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